Wednesday, June 22, 2005


More Cheese Please!

Enjoyed watching The Omega Man yesterday and thought it was a great kick-off to our end of days film list. Several critics call this movie cheesy and contrived but I think it puts a lot out there for people to talk about. By looking at the various images and symbols found in the film, viewers will see there is much more to this SF classic than over-the-top acting and tacky costumes. As discussed in class, there are the various religious themes and social and cultural issues being addressed. An interesting article, Prophet of the Plague, written in 1998 by Terry Diggs, notes many of the things brought up class. I found it fascinating that Mr. Diggs chose The Omega Man as a point of reference when writing on Mr. Heston but then again he is writing about the NRA and a gun is never too far away from Neville's hands in the film. Whether viewed as a total cheesefest or a SF classic, The Omega Man, has stood the test of time and has not seen the end of its days. For those of you who would enjoy just a little more cheese, here is a link to the script.

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