Friday, June 24, 2005


Tired of the everyday routine? May I offer you an escape?

And now a little something for the auditory learner . . .

The above picture is from a website that sells CD's of old time radio shows. On this site they have samples of some of the programs they are selling. I was pleasantly surprised to find a radio dramitization of Earth Abides. It is on a CD set from the radio program called Escape. This program ran from 1947 to 1954 and was very popular. It boasts having many celebrity guests and producing only quality work. In fact, on the web site, they are proud to state, "There are no clunkers."

This web site is a great look into the world of old time radio shows. The language of the period is at times hilarious:

"Bugaboos and Killer Roos! These horrifying and suspenseful tales will click your teeth and turn your hair white. So grab an extra pair of pants, settle yourself on the edge of your chair and let the spoooooooooks begin!"

Other times, the language reflects the patriarchal society of the time, "And it is wonderful adventure radio for the whole family, especially Dad."

The Escape radio program introduces Earth Abides as one of the most "unusual and terrifying stories of recent years. It is a story of such scope that the producers of Escape, in order to dramatize its full impact, present it in two episodes."

So now kiddies, if you have "an extra pair of pants," tune into the first episode of Earth Abides.

Hey that's great! I'm a fan of old radio programs (result of being raised by a man who was a fan of old radio programs -- didn't even have a t.v. til I was 10 or 11). I didn't know about a version of "Earth Abides" though.

It does get a bit tiring listening to some of the racial and gender assumptions displayed in those programs (same thing happens in most old movies), but they are interesting discourse-generators at least. :-)
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