Friday, June 24, 2005


Visual Interpretation of Earth Abiding

While researching for my presentation on Monday, I found an interesting and beautiful site called FILE.

FILE's tag line states it is " a collection of unexpected photography." Anyone with an interest in photography (Joe, I'm thinking you would enjoy this one) or anyone who finds "unconventional observations" fascinating, should check this out. For everyone else, it is a nice break from the written word (Dr. Jones and other visual learners will be in their element).

The photo above is one of eleven by Beerzie Boy in his on-line gallery entitled "Earth Abides." Beerzie created this gallery in response to his reading of Stewart's novel. In an introduction to his work found on the home page of File magazine, Beerzie states:

"The title refers to George Stewart's novel Earth Abides, in which most of the world's population is destroyed by a virus. The subsequent reclaimation of the planet by the natural world always facinated me, and it has seemed to me that no matter how hard people try to control nature, it ultimately battles back. These are images that illustrate this battle."

I enjoyed these photos and feel Beerzie has created a fitting tribute to Stewart's work.
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Lovely photos.
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