Friday, July 15, 2005


The Last English Major On Earth

Graphic novels are a new reading experience for me and I am enjoying them immensely. As a child I enjoyed comic books but did not move on to the graphic novels (something I am regarding now). I did go through a phase where I read horror comics/magazines such as the slighty risque Vampirella and the oft times scary, Marvel Monster Comics. Check out these great Monster covers and Monster Blog. I have also discovered Harris comics has plans to publish a "specially priced 25-cent issue" of the Vampirella epic "that redefines Vampirella for a new generation while paying tribute to her past."

And now onto something that is relative to our course . .

It seems so cliche that Yorick is an unemployed English Major but it looks like he may have a future with the Grammar Police (see above panel). Maybe he can become Captain Syntax or perhaps, Linguistics Man; saving the world from bad grammar, slang words, and dangling participles. Any suggestions for a trusty side kick or super power?

Hi Lucy, You are great with the internet! I enjoyed the Graphic Novels as well There were some slow parts such as the "Donna Read" town but I was impressed by the travelling theatrical group and the whole Suicide Intervention scene with Yorick. It hung more closely around the reality of what would need to take place in a real end of the world scenario. Debra
The travelling theatrical group part was enjoyable, especially the artwork. This is a nice nod to the arts and how it becomes a mirror of/for society.
Clearly the monkey should be the sidekick. Maybe he could learn sign language. As for Yorick's superpower, I don't know. He already has the wisecracking down, though; he could rival Spiderman.
I'm not sure about Yorick's superpwer, but the monkey's should certainly involve excrement-throwing (if sidekicks are allowed to have superpowers, that is).

And I think Yorick as Captain Syntax is an amazing idea . . . too hilarious! :-)
Captain Syntax it shall be then.
We really could use a grammar police. And a special task force on plural and possessive use of the letter S.
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