Monday, July 18, 2005


Rumor Has It . . .

As mentioned in class, there is a rumor of a movie adaptation of Y: The Last Man in the works. According to the E. Favata's Comic Book Movies site, New Line Cinemas is going to be the distributor.

News and Rumors (from site):
April 28, 2004: Comic creator Brian Vaughn indicated he would like to see Topher Grace for the main role for the film adaptation of his just optioned property.

Ugh! I don't think Topher could bring the right amount of shoulder-shrugging wit to the role. I much prefer Joe's suggestion of Jason Lee as Yorick.

All the same, a movie version of this graphic novel would be fun!! I'm completely addicted to this story.
I'm not sure Topher is the right choice but he is closer in age to Yorick than Jason.

At 35 Jason is a bit too old for the role. Very cute and a good actor though so he might be able to pull it off. I would have to try and forget that he played "Beaver" in Dreamcather and that might be a bit of a challenge.
I find Topher Grace a little too smirky. Whoever does this has to demonstrate some gravitas beneath the wise-cracking.
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