Thursday, August 11, 2005


Playing a Different Tune

Nineteen female musicians who played on the Mona Lisa Smile movie score have won $3,500 each in a legal settlement, after proving they were paid less than their male counterparts. According to IMDB news the musicians won their case but Revolution Studios and Smile Productions LLC "failed to admit they had unfairly paid their male musicians more than women for the same work."

Come on guys, admit you were wrong. It was unfair to pay the male musicians more for the same work . Adding insult to injury, this happened while making a movie that tries to address female repression. Shame on you.

See what Georgie Binks has to say when she asks, " Is music any different when a woman plays it?"

Found your blog searching ISHI (june 26,2005) and left a comment. However, blog often die young and needed to say to you Lucy "Good Show" for the day-by-day entry of good data into your blogs.

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